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Straight Up Class!

A year or so ago I modeled for Bruno Magli and was absolutely floored by these shoes. Bruno (we’re on a first name basis) collaborated with London based jewelry designer MAWI for this shoe. I’m always on board for a good ornament on a pump but this ornament is gorgeous!  A sweet and sassy, elegant and edgy, rock and roll type feel with the mix of jewel and spike all on a satin pump. Bruno Magli ShoeBM Shoe

I love the cut of the side. On the foot it is so sexy. Definitely a statement shoe. All the colors are so rich and yummy it’s hard to pick a favorite. I modeled for Bruno Magli for a week and everyday I wore a different color.  If the ornament is a little too large for you MAWI also did a version with a smaller ornament. Just as lovely. bruno-magli-mawi03


Now normally I wouldn’t go all matchy matchy with my handbag choice but the clutch they did to match is amazing! The rich color of the hair calf mixed with the jewel ornament is stunning! People will be looking from your feet to your handbag and back again!

BM ClutchIt’s such a great size. Will hold all of my girly necessities plus my cell phone and keys. A lot of my clutches I have to leave my keys with my doorman when I go out because they wont fit. And with the cell phones getting bigger and bigger now days I need a more sizable evening bag.



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