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Long Live My Louboutins!

We spend so much money on shoes it’s a shame they don’t last forever. And when they have to go it’s like the worst break up ever! I’ve searched the internet for the best ways to make our babies last. Putting a little extra cash into our shoes to make them last longer seems a small price to pay for the extra years of fabulousness. So let’s get started…

Find yourself a great cobbler (shoe repairman) and have your soles rubbered. They will make your heels last longer and you’ll feel more stable in them when you walk. You can also ask your cobbler to put red rubber soles on your Louboutins!

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If you live in a city like me the subway grates chew up my heels and walking on grass is near impossible. Whoever invented the solemates was a damn genius! These little plastic nubs snap on your heels and save your shoes as well as give you a little more stability. Not too mention save you from the embarressment of falling in the grass when your heels sink in! For around ten bucks how can you go wrong??!! Check out there website Clickless sells a less bulky version here

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To keep the heels from getting all chewed up I found this great product, KiiX, that is basically a sticker that wraps around the heel and keeps your heels looking as good as the day you bought therm

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One of my favorite secret shoe weapons is blister blocker. Band Aid makes a great Friction Block Stick. You put it on before you put your heels on and you will never have to worry about getting painful blisters. When I model for designers some of the sample shoes are super tight and this stuff has saved my feet on more than one occasion. On the rare occurance that I do get a blister I put on one of Band aids Blister Block strips and in a couple days I’m good as new! There is a right way to pop a blister too btw. Never never put a hole in the center and pop it like a zit! Sterilize a needle or saftey pin and poke small holes around the perimeter of the blister and then push out the fluid. This will make it so you don’t have to rip off the skin and have exposed sore, thus saving your feet from days of pain. Pop on a Blister Block strip and be back on your way.

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And always keep your shoes clean, dry, store them properly and rotate wearing your favorite shoes and your lovelies will last forever. Now go forth and strut your stuff!