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I’ve decided to give blogging a go! As a shoe model I’ve had the inside scoop on designer shoes and handbags for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked with just about every major designer and am so excited to share with you my favorites and what the next hottest trends will be.

I’ve been waiting for this shoe to come to stores for 2 years now! I fell in love with her when the sample came out in August 2012 for FFANY. I’m talking about this Giorgio Armani color block peep toe pump.


Not only is this shoe super sexy on, it’s also really very comfortable. What good is a great shoe if you can’t stand to wear it for more than 15 minutes?! Color blocking is still relevant this season and this shoe does it in such a great neutral way. I love the way they did the cut of the peep toe too. It’s done in an open triangle sort of cut out. Very fresh and super cute. Doesn’t give that ugly alien toe some shoes with too large of a peep toe can give you. Feet are ugly enough to begin with. I want a shoe that is going to make them look better not worse! This is a definite gotta have it shoe!

And to go with this amazing shoe I found this great bag by Emma Fox. I love the shape, the pebble soft leather and the pockets! I’m wild about pockets when it comes to a purse. It may be my OCDness but I like everything to have a place and a place for everything. I want to be able to thrust my hand in my bag and know exactly where what I’m looking for is.


The size is perfect. Not too big or too small. The lining is satin with a cute flower design. I love the gold studded detail, working turn key lock and the optional shoulder strap. I’ve also seen this bag in an array of different color combos but I think this cream combo is going to be my new summer bag this year!