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Rock and Roll!

I knew the second I put my toes in the Abell by Brian Atwood I knew they would be a hit! Up close the detail is amazing! Each stud is surrounded by a tiny gold chain all done by hand! It’s only being offered on a 120mm heel which if you don’t know is almost a 5 inch heel and anyone who’s walked in one knows you’re not going anywhere fast or far in that kind of height. But the higher heel height is soo much sexier and this shoe just oozes sexiness. So far I’ve seen this shoe on JLo, Lea Michelle and Kat Graham and it looks gorgeous on all of them. And the best part is they dropped the price so it’s actually quasi affordable now. When Brian Atwood first started showing this beauty it was $2500 it can be yours for the low low price of $1500!!! I’ll take two!




As I was strolling thru Bloomingdale’s I was literally stopped in my tracks by this clutch. Burberry’s Prorsum black and white striped clutch is beyond adorable. Just the right size and a squishy combo of leather and canvas. I just can’t get enough. They also have a version in large polka dots that I love just as much!


This bag and shoes together are just the right mix of Rock-n-roll and sweetness. Burberry threw in a nice long strap so this clutch can also be worn as a cross body bag. BONUS!!! I love the top zip. You can fill this puppy up with all your lady stuff or just throw in the essentials for a night out on the town. These shoes and clutch paired with a bold colored dress would be ultimate evening ensemble!



Nite on the town