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Long Live My Louboutins!

We spend so much money on shoes it’s a shame they don’t last forever. And when they have to go it’s like the worst break up ever! I’ve searched the internet for the best ways to make our babies last. Putting a little extra cash into our shoes to make them last longer seems a small price to pay for the extra years of fabulousness. So let’s get started…

Find yourself a great cobbler (shoe repairman) and have your soles rubbered. They will make your heels last longer and you’ll feel more stable in them when you walk. You can also ask your cobbler to put red rubber soles on your Louboutins!

red soles loub

If you live in a city like me the subway grates chew up my heels and walking on grass is near impossible. Whoever invented the solemates was a damn genius! These little plastic nubs snap on your heels and save your shoes as well as give you a little more stability. Not too mention save you from the embarressment of falling in the grass when your heels sink in! For around ten bucks how can you go wrong??!! Check out there website Clickless sells a less bulky version here

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.27.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.27.47 PM

To keep the heels from getting all chewed up I found this great product, KiiX, that is basically a sticker that wraps around the heel and keeps your heels looking as good as the day you bought therm

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.55.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.56.30 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.55.43 PM









One of my favorite secret shoe weapons is blister blocker. Band Aid makes a great Friction Block Stick. You put it on before you put your heels on and you will never have to worry about getting painful blisters. When I model for designers some of the sample shoes are super tight and this stuff has saved my feet on more than one occasion. On the rare occurance that I do get a blister I put on one of Band aids Blister Block strips and in a couple days I’m good as new! There is a right way to pop a blister too btw. Never never put a hole in the center and pop it like a zit! Sterilize a needle or saftey pin and poke small holes around the perimeter of the blister and then push out the fluid. This will make it so you don’t have to rip off the skin and have exposed sore, thus saving your feet from days of pain. Pop on a Blister Block strip and be back on your way.

010411-friction-block-400 f_3111v_1.1

And always keep your shoes clean, dry, store them properly and rotate wearing your favorite shoes and your lovelies will last forever. Now go forth and strut your stuff!

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Alright, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. The pressure is on to have amazing plans for the evening, a killer dress and the perfect pair of heels. This year I have great plans with my friends, a gorgeous Roberto Cavalli dress to wear and a super cute pair of Jimmy Choo’s to tie it all together. In my hunt for the pair of heels that would make other girls jealous I came across so many great pairs that would be perfect for a night of dinner and dancing. Here are my top picks for New Year’s Eve shoes….

Giuseppe Zanotti’s Crystal Embellished Pointed-Toe Pump:

Classic shape with just the right about of crystal embellishments

Nine West’s FENDERBEND Peep Toe Pumps:

The perfect option for those of us on a budget! Under $100! All my Nine West shoes have been extremely comfortable. One of the many reasons I still buy them.

Nicholas Kirkwood Maeva Sandals:




I mean, come on! Super cute and the black one actually looks like it has the Times Square Ball that drops! Perfect NYE shoe!

Privileged Women’s Raver – Neon Green:


I stumbled upon these on great shoe if you’re looking for something a little sassy. And for $79 you can’t go wrong! Who cares if someone spills their drink on your shoes!

Sergio Rossi Mermaid Crystal Caged Bootie

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9a9/60527563/files/2014/12/img_0368-0.jpg/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/9a9/60527563/files/2014/12/img_0369-0.jpgLooking for a bootie? These are gorgeous. I love his shoes and these are a great stylish Bootie perfect for any NYE outing you have planned.

And last but not least:

Sophia Webster’s Catia & Leilou



Her shoes are just so fun and feminine. They just scream take me dancing!

Ok go! Hurry up and get your dancing shoes on, it’s almost midnight!!! Feel free to send me pics of yourself in your NYE shoes and I’ll be sure to post mine! Happy New Years! See you all in 2015!



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A Little Bit Country

So my spending lately has been getting a little out of control recently so I wanted to try to challenge myself to find a cut pair of shoes and handbag without breaking the bank. I spent the afternoon perusing the aisles at DSW. I went upstairs and found an entire row dedicated to cowboy boots and booties. When did this become a thing again??? I live in NYC, we’re not exactly known for our country ways. I don’t feel that I could go full on country but I found these and fell in love!


How cute is this little suede bootie from Enzo Angiolini? It’s just the right about of rustic without going full on country. All on a stacked heel with a rubber sole so I can run around the city all day and still be comfortable. These kind of make me want to sing a country song at Karaoke!  I’m also loving the butt seams, very cute detail. And under $50?? Sign me up! Oh, DSW, we’re gonna get along just fine! And to go with these cute shoes I found this bag…


The strap reminds me of a horse bridle. This Liebeskind bag has such squishy leather, zippers and pockets galore. You know how much I love organization. I need a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I have to have some sort of stability in my life! My bag cannot be chaos! And DSW has this bag for $150! So my total for today is about $200. Not too shabby! I’m lucky if I can get a pair of shoes these days for under $200! And if you’re wondering how I would rock this look…

A little bit country
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If Art and Fashion had a baby…

A while ago I did a photo shoot for a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and artist Rob Pruitt. That would be me with my ass hanging out of the pile of tires. I live the glamorous life, clearly… Just being in Rob Pruitt’s studio and seeing painting in progress was amazing coupled with Jimmy Choo’s, what could be better??!! If you don’t know Rob Pruitt’s art it has a pop culture feel and the man’s got a thing for pandas. I get it. They’re cute and seemingly cuddly. How can you not like pandas? So put that together with some great heels and you’ve got a winning combination. I got to play in these ones at the shoot…


I love the playful design and mix of patterns and colors. There is still the hint of sophistication and class as well. And let’s not forget to mention the adorable panda inner lining! He also did a line of handbags and clutches to match.

IMG_0172 IMG_0171


I love that I live in a city that is one of the biggest fashion capitals and anything goes when it comes to fashion. I try to play with patterns and color in my everyday wardrobe and these would give any outfit that little extra umph. I think these would be great for a girl’s night out in the city. Here’s how I see these:


Rob Pruitt for Jimmy Choo
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Rock and Roll!

I knew the second I put my toes in the Abell by Brian Atwood I knew they would be a hit! Up close the detail is amazing! Each stud is surrounded by a tiny gold chain all done by hand! It’s only being offered on a 120mm heel which if you don’t know is almost a 5 inch heel and anyone who’s walked in one knows you’re not going anywhere fast or far in that kind of height. But the higher heel height is soo much sexier and this shoe just oozes sexiness. So far I’ve seen this shoe on JLo, Lea Michelle and Kat Graham and it looks gorgeous on all of them. And the best part is they dropped the price so it’s actually quasi affordable now. When Brian Atwood first started showing this beauty it was $2500 it can be yours for the low low price of $1500!!! I’ll take two!




As I was strolling thru Bloomingdale’s I was literally stopped in my tracks by this clutch. Burberry’s Prorsum black and white striped clutch is beyond adorable. Just the right size and a squishy combo of leather and canvas. I just can’t get enough. They also have a version in large polka dots that I love just as much!


This bag and shoes together are just the right mix of Rock-n-roll and sweetness. Burberry threw in a nice long strap so this clutch can also be worn as a cross body bag. BONUS!!! I love the top zip. You can fill this puppy up with all your lady stuff or just throw in the essentials for a night out on the town. These shoes and clutch paired with a bold colored dress would be ultimate evening ensemble!



Nite on the town
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Straight Up Class!

A year or so ago I modeled for Bruno Magli and was absolutely floored by these shoes. Bruno (we’re on a first name basis) collaborated with London based jewelry designer MAWI for this shoe. I’m always on board for a good ornament on a pump but this ornament is gorgeous!  A sweet and sassy, elegant and edgy, rock and roll type feel with the mix of jewel and spike all on a satin pump. Bruno Magli ShoeBM Shoe

I love the cut of the side. On the foot it is so sexy. Definitely a statement shoe. All the colors are so rich and yummy it’s hard to pick a favorite. I modeled for Bruno Magli for a week and everyday I wore a different color.  If the ornament is a little too large for you MAWI also did a version with a smaller ornament. Just as lovely. bruno-magli-mawi03


Now normally I wouldn’t go all matchy matchy with my handbag choice but the clutch they did to match is amazing! The rich color of the hair calf mixed with the jewel ornament is stunning! People will be looking from your feet to your handbag and back again!

BM ClutchIt’s such a great size. Will hold all of my girly necessities plus my cell phone and keys. A lot of my clutches I have to leave my keys with my doorman when I go out because they wont fit. And with the cell phones getting bigger and bigger now days I need a more sizable evening bag.


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I’ve decided to give blogging a go! As a shoe model I’ve had the inside scoop on designer shoes and handbags for almost 10 years now. I’ve worked with just about every major designer and am so excited to share with you my favorites and what the next hottest trends will be.

I’ve been waiting for this shoe to come to stores for 2 years now! I fell in love with her when the sample came out in August 2012 for FFANY. I’m talking about this Giorgio Armani color block peep toe pump.


Not only is this shoe super sexy on, it’s also really very comfortable. What good is a great shoe if you can’t stand to wear it for more than 15 minutes?! Color blocking is still relevant this season and this shoe does it in such a great neutral way. I love the way they did the cut of the peep toe too. It’s done in an open triangle sort of cut out. Very fresh and super cute. Doesn’t give that ugly alien toe some shoes with too large of a peep toe can give you. Feet are ugly enough to begin with. I want a shoe that is going to make them look better not worse! This is a definite gotta have it shoe!

And to go with this amazing shoe I found this great bag by Emma Fox. I love the shape, the pebble soft leather and the pockets! I’m wild about pockets when it comes to a purse. It may be my OCDness but I like everything to have a place and a place for everything. I want to be able to thrust my hand in my bag and know exactly where what I’m looking for is.


The size is perfect. Not too big or too small. The lining is satin with a cute flower design. I love the gold studded detail, working turn key lock and the optional shoulder strap. I’ve also seen this bag in an array of different color combos but I think this cream combo is going to be my new summer bag this year!